Religious Kibbutz Movement

The Religious Kibbutz Movement

The Religious Kibbutz Movement is a Zionist, religious, agricultural settlement movement.
The movement consists of 24 kibbutzim and cooperative moshavim, with a total population of approximately 10,000.

Creating a society based on faith in the Torah, that was given to the Jewish people, and observance of the mitzvot (religious precepts), while integrating modern cultural values within the bounds of Torah existence.
A society committed to equality of human value, to the promotion of women's status and fairness to every person.
A society based on hard work – living from the fruits of our own labours, and consider this to be a first principle.
A society that values any work that contributes to the building of our world.
A society that maintains a democratic way of life, fulfills Zionism in its settlement and in the material and spiritual building of the Land of Israel, and considers itself committed to, involved with and responsible for Jewish society within the State of Israel and the entire Jewish people worldwide.

The economy of the religious kibbutzim is based on agriculture, industry and tourism. In recent years, there has been a moderate trend of privatization in the religious kibbutz settlements, similar to general trends within the kibbutz movement.
The financial situation of most religious kibbutzim is strong and stable.

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